Helping Eastern South Carolina Residents Resolve Domestic Relations Issues

Florence-based family-law firm stands up for your rights in adoption and divorce
The law office of Nancy H. Bailey provides family law services, advice and representation to residents of Florence, South Carolina and Chesterfield, Clarendon, Darlington, Dillon, Florence, Lee, Marion, Marlboro, Sumter and Williamsburg counties.

More than 35 years of experience in domestic relations and family law
The law office of Nancy H. Bailey handles all aspects of family law. Firm principal and sole practitioner Nancy H. Bailey has a reputation for being a compassionate listener, paying attention to client and case details and successfully anticipating potential road blocks that could otherwise protract such family law processes as divorce and adoption.

“I feel that I can help with the serious issues that can arise in family law cases.  Divorce can be a painful process.  I try to help a client decide what is most important, and then advise on the best way to achieve that goal, as directly as possible, and  without resorting to mean-spirited behavior.”

Helping you resolve what matters most
The law office of Nancy H. Bailey has experience with virtually all types of family law cases, but the preponderance of our cases are in:

Adoption — We have handled cases involving termination of parental rights, paternity registry, open and closed adoptions, private adoptions, domestic and international adoptions and step-parent adoptions.

Custody & visitation — We know the ins and outs of primary and joint custody arrangements, visitation rights, grandparent visitation, custody and visitation order modifications, order enforcement, juvenile delinquency and dependency proceedings as well as resolving issues relating to the religion, education and upbringing of a child.

Divorce & property division — Whether through mediation or litigation, we can help you and/or the court arrive at the  division of marital debts, the sale or possession of the marital home, equitable spousal and/or child support and distribution of personal property, bank accounts, stocks and other assets.

Work with a family-law practice that gets what you’re going through
Unresolved family legal matters often keep family members from moving on and achieving other goals. To ensure your divorce, adoption, child custody and visitation rights are represented by a competent attorney who has 35 years of experience with South Carolina family law, call us at 843.679.3865, or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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